Union War on Wisconsin Governor Walker

November 23, 2011 07:12

Out-of-state Big Money will pour into Wisconsin to dump Gov. Walker and his lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, plus four GOP state senators the unions don’t like much, either.  (No pushovers, those four legislators.)  Massive funds will come from dues collected in other states (in the spirit of solidarity) to be dispensed in far-off Wisconsin.  Why?

By Gary Larson at American Thinker


Unleashing forces of hate, making it personal, unions roll out heavy artillery in their all-out war against their declared enemy, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Some threatened boycotts of local businesses whose owners did not see things unions’ way, declining to put up posters in their places of business.  Some were asked outright for donations to the unions’ cause — sort of extortion on the fly.

Speaking of rights: protests blocked Gov. Walker’s speaking at events, even out of state, shouting him down Blackshirt-style, and taunting him, such as at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Dialogue is not in the mix for the union folks.  Free speech for protesters, but for no one else?  And security is tightened for the governor in light of threats to his personal safety.  Such is union-stirred hate brought to a new level.

A mob 1,000 strong marched lately into a quiet residential neighborhood to protest on the curb in front of Gov. Walker’s home in a once-tranquil Milwaukee suburb.  Such manifestation of hate simply crosses the line.


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