White House pressured DOE for Solyndra loan, planned bailout

November 5, 2011 18:30

New reports show that the White House was heavily involved in pressuring the DOE to approve the half billion dollar taxpayer guaranteed loan to Solyndra a solar company whose primary investor was a big Obama campaign contributor.

The congressional committee investigating is set to vote on issuing a subpoena requesting all White House documents related to the scandalous loan. The vote is expected to be along party lines with the Democrats trying to protect their campaigner in chief. – Update: Committee voted to issue the subpoena

The DOE also took the unprecedented and likely illegal step to put the Obama campaign supporters financial interests in front of taxpayers in the bankruptcy.

Video clip from usACTIONnews Youtube channel:

Now Obama is promising to throw more money away even faster to try and buy votes. ‘If There’s Money in the Pipeline, We Want to Get It Out Faster’ he tells the crowd on a campaign stop in this video from CNSNews:


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