Electric rates going up thanks to Obama

December 22, 2011 06:26

Congress and Obama fight over a twenty dollar payroll tax cut while Obama drives up your electric bill and the cost of everything you buy.

Every product and service requires energy. If energy rates are driven up by Obama’s green fantasy regulations (without congressional input) then the cost of every product and service goes up. Obama knows this but he doesn’t care.

The hoopla over the payroll tax cut is a distraction from Obama driving up energy costs. LG&E recently announced its electric rates in Kentucky would be going up 18%! Kentucky gets 90% of its electricity from coal plants and has some of the least expensive rates in the country. States with ‘renewable energy mandates’ which force electric companies to have some solar or wind pay 38% more for electricity.

The hoopla also distracts from the political corruption of giving taxpayer funds to Obama campaign supporters. Eighty percent of “green” energy loans (Twenty BILLION so far) were given to companies with ties to the Obama campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost in the Solyndra scandal alone. Billions are being wasted in these green money laundering schemes that produce very few jobs and unreliable and very expensive energy.

Developing America’s own energy could jump start the economy and keep the US from being dependent on terrorist supporting countries for oil but Obama blocks it at every opportunity.


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