More UN global nonsense – Gender Comes to Climate Change

December 23, 2011 07:12

How much more waste of American dollars is going to take before taxpayers have had enough? Is it not time for United Nations to move their headquarters to Africa? United Nations is primarily concerned with Africa, controlled by third world dictators, and is not promoting the interests of the developed world at all. – Canada Free Press


By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Thursday, December 22, 2011 – Canada Free Press



As I read this brief report, I envisioned billions of dollars washing down the proverbial drain with the blessing of an eager administration to re-distribute our “socially unjust” and “unfairly earned, evil capitalist” wealth.


Modifying and purposefully trying to destroy experienced and accomplished agricultural methods in the name of saving the planet from man-made greenhouse gas emissions in order to pacify a minority of environmentalists with a socialist agenda of “climate justice” is insane.


The United States is in the platinum donor category with $5 million dollars, Department of Energy, EPA, Department of State are in the gold donor category with $1-5 million each, along with socialist European nations such as bankrupt Spain and Ireland, the World Bank, and other UN affiliates.

The Department of Energy is awarding “Clean Biomass Cookstove Technologies” grants of $100,000 and $750,000 at a time when our country is broke, unemployment is at an all time high, taxpayers are unhappy, and the administration is demanding that we reduce our consumption of energy.



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