Obama is turning US victories into defeat while pushing the Islamic Caliphate

December 30, 2011 05:01

Obama is pressing Congress to release the remaining 147 million from the previous budget cycle,  in which US aid to the Palestinians was to be $545.7 million.


By Dr. Laurie Roth


Obama has yanked our soldiers back out of Iran and Afghanistan,  manipulating whatever ‘kiss up’ factor he can gain from the progressive left.  Obama’s concerned leftists have been mad at him this whole time because he hasn’t stopped the war and brought our troops home.   So,  at the right,  politically expedient,  ‘Saul Alinsky’ moment,  Obama yanked them home and in doing so has turned our sure victories into certain defeats,  while ignoring General after General and simple common sense.  Shame on him.


Now,  we hear, thanks to www.france24.com, now that our troops are gone out of Iraq that top figures are warning of a push for dictatorship and civil war.  Just like with Obama’s betrayal of Egypt,  while Muslim Brotherhood swooped in and long time alley, Hosni Mubarak was thrown out,  now radicals circle their wagons around Iraq.  After all,  America is gone….just as Obama would have it.


Another disaster looming, among coming disasters in Afghanistan is the pathetic lack of leadership regarding their first big oil contract.   CNN money states that China got the deal, offering the best offer, giving Afghanistan 85% of the profit and giving China 15%.  Also in the bidding were Britain,  Australia and the US.  How in God’s green earth did the US not win this bid and do an oil deal with Afghanistan when we have spent hundreds of billions to free them and rebuild their country???  What incredible lack of leadership in the Obama regime would dare to allow such a thing and not make sure the US offered the best  deal and won?  It is as if,  sabotage reigns to destroy any political,  economic and military advantage with us and Afghanistan after hundreds of billions have been spent to fight Islamic terror there,  free the people and help them rebuild.


Obama continues to do whatever he can to promote radical Islamic leadership change throughout the Middle East.  Obama is pressing Congress to release the remaining 147 million from the previous budget cycle,  in which US aid to the Palestinians was to be $545.7 million.    According to the AP lawmakers are pushing for Palestinian bid for UN membership and have now freed up 20% of 187 million for that goal.


Lets see what we have as 2012 approaches


Obama has long ago given Islamic radical and terrorist group HAMAS over 900 million dollars.


Never mind that the 40 million dollars is aiding a dangerous scheme by the left and Palestinians to force their way in as a voting member of the UN and be ‘deemed’  a country.  Damn that this boldly increases the danger to Israel and that the ability for Palestine to attack Israel and get away with it from an international viewpoint.  Bottom line….Damn Israel.


We have already been enlightened by Obama during Arab Spring when Obama and Hillary immediately betrayed long time alley Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and rallied behind Islamic terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood.  It is as if Obama wanted radical Islamics to control Egypt and bring more danger to Israel,  the West and Middle East.


All over the Middle East Obama has backed Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups who continue to threaten,  attack and murder Jews,  Christians and anyone of difference.


Why would a REAL President of the US want to give Islamic radicals,  like Hamas,  Muslim Brotherhood,  Palestinian leadership or any other name they hide behind,  any support or money until they first show bold and verified signs to the US,  UN and world that they will stop their threats and attacks on Israel,  people of difference and the world?  This will never happen with Obama at the helm because I believe he is aiding international Muslim and global elite take over.


A real President who loves America and freedom would harshly rebuke Islam and Sharia law until they stop the sound bites and really show American and the UN reforms.  Perhaps the Saudis could start  by changing their high school textbooks found for 10th graders that show in graphic detail how to cut off the hands and feet of a thief.  While they are at it perhaps Islam. Through out their 57 countries can stop the part of Sharia law that allows beatings of wives,  executions of gays,  those who change faiths,  cutting off limbs of thieves,  stoning of rape victims without 4 witnesses and other violent brutality.


There is no middle ground.  Islam must work our way or take the highway to hell and get out of our face!


Dr. Roth is a candidate for president and a radio host at:  www.therothshow.com.

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