Romney leads Obama by 6 – most yet

December 29, 2011 11:53
Romney leads Obama by 6 – most yet

An unidentified GOP candidate leads Obama by one. Remember that the GOP is in a circular firing squad right now with intense primary battles. Millions are being spent on ads attacking Republican candidates while Obama basks in the media’s adulation and refusal to cover the myriad scandals plaguing the White House or examine his abysmal record on the economy.

When a GOP candidate is chosen and the big guns turn the light of truth on Obama and his disastrous record it could be a landslide. Seventy-six percent of Americans know that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Obama is setting records as president but they are for the wrong things. Record numbers of people are on food stamps. Record amounts of taxpayer funds have been lost to companies associated with Obama campaign supporters. Obama policies have resulted in record increases in electric rates, health insurance premiums and energy costs.

Obama has presided over the biggest government spending spree resulting in unimaginable record breaking debt.

While claiming to focus on jobs Obama spent the first two years pushing a takeover of the US economy by nationalizing healthcare, two major auto companies, banks, the student loan system and the collapsing housing industry.

An unprecedented increase in the money supply has devalued the dollar and destroyed the value of savings and retirement funds of the middle class and seniors.

Rasmussen Reports  latest match up has Romney at 45% and Obama at 39%.  The 39% is a new low for Obama. Obama is trying to paint himself as a warrior of the middle class for the 2012 campaign. Yet his war on energy is driving up the cost of everything from food to gasoline. His signature accomplishment of  socialized medicine will kill 800,000 jobs over the next ten years and has caused increases of health insurance premiums of 9% already.

Rasmussen Reports:


“The two candidates have been essentially tied in regular surveys since January, but Romney remains the only GOP hopeful to lead Obama in more than one survey. Despite Romney’s current six-point lead, his latest level of support is in line with the 38% to 45% he has earned in matchups with the president this year. However, Obama’s 39% is a new low: Prior to this survey, his support has ranged from 40% to 46% in matchups with Romney.A generic Republican candidate holds a narrow lead over the president again this week as has been the case all but three times in weekly tracking since late May.  Obama leads all the other named GOP candidates by as little as seven and as much as 15 percentage points.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain have all surged ahead of the president at one point but did not maintain those leads.”


In 2008 Obama had the advantage in online presence. Leftist blogs and website way outnumbered the right. Since then the pendulum has swung the other way. Media bias in support of Obama has swollen the importance of online news, bloggers and research.

Obama still has the support of a biased and leftist main stream press but studies show that fewer and fewer people believe the lopsided reporting from ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC.

Sites like continue to report on the scandals like Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Lightspeed, Brightsource and Pigford. We continue to expose the radical agenda of Obama and his tyrannical government agencies.

The Teaparty protests have spawned an awareness of issues and an interest in government that is unprecedented. Thousands attend classes on the constitution, research, post videos, blog, and involve themselves in local political parties and government.  The 2010 landslide election for conservatives not only brought a House majority but brought majorities in state legislatures and governorships in record breaking numbers. Not much is said about that now but the seething anger at Obama and his policies has not gone away. It has become more determined, more active and more numerous.


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