Unhappy New Year

December 30, 2011 05:24

As bad as things are, they’ll probably get worse in 2012. And they are likely to continue going badly for years to come after that, because it will not be easy to reverse the damage of the current administration. – American Thinker


By Jeffrey Folks at American Thinker


Faced with the longest slump since the Great Depression, his solution is to raise taxes and increase spending. The only thing he’s managed to get done lately is extending the payroll tax cut for two months and continuing to fund 99-week unemployment benefits.


A 2% cut in withholding is not going to reignite economic growth in 2012. It has not done so in 2011, during which GDP growth has averaged 1.17% when it should be running five times that number. …. There’s something seriously amiss when the economy fails to recover following a severe recession. The problem is Washington, and more specifically, liberal Democrats in Washington.

Liberals like Nancy Pelosi think that the way to increase employment is an indefinite extension of unemployment benefits. That’s like addressing a lifeboat shortage on the Titanic by handing out free drinks.




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