Calling out the “Black Race Hustler Mafia”

January 31, 2012 04:58

David Webb calls “Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest” the “black Mafia” over the ludicrous charge that AZ Gov. Jan Brewer was racist in pointing her finger at Obama when he tried to intimidate her.

Jehmu Greene, former president of the Women’s Media Center, and radio host / Tea Party 365 co-founder David Webb had a heated exchange on Megyn Kelly’s panel this afternoon discussing if there was any racism in the gesture by AZ Governor Jan Brewer in her exchange with President Obama.

Greene started off the discussion with the premise that the Governor is not racist, but that the gesture had deep-seeded racial undertones. Webb discarded Greene’s points and instead asked the media to cover the racism within the Occupy movement that is being reported today at Big Government. – DavidWebShow

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