Despite Past Failures, Fed Looks To Print More Money

January 14, 2012 17:25
Despite Past Failures, Fed Looks To Print More Money

Alarmed at the economy’s slow pace, the ongoing slump in housing and the threat of European debt defaults, the central bank is preparing a third round of “quantitative easing” — the monetary equivalent of a defibrillator paddle placed on the economy’s chest. – IBD


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This is rather strange, given that the previous two attempts — QE1 and QE2— did little to help the economy. Indeed, those efforts may have so distorted markets and interest rates that they held back the recovery.

But say this for the Fed: It didn’t sit on its hands. In those first two QE efforts, it bought $2 trillion of government-backed mortgage securities and federal bonds.

The Fed’s idea behind this was to hold down interest rates and boost housing — a necessary prelude to reviving the entire economy. Only problem is, it didn’t work.


As we’ve noted before, our slow growth is now a fiscal problem, not a monetary one. It’s a function of too much government and surging debt, which have destroyed business and consumer confidence.

Just Thursday, Obama sought another $1.2 trillion in debt, pushing his total since 2009 to $6.2 trillion. Big government is out of control, and the people know it.


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