IBD Poll: Americans See Recession, Tax Hikes In 2012 – and Obama will win

January 2, 2012 10:48

We asked Americans about everything from Iran’s nuclear ambitions to the possibility that ObamaCare will be repealed to the likelihood of another U.S. recession taking place in 2012. The answers that came back were surprising — with an unusual amount of pessimism about both the domestic economy and foreign affairs. – IBD


IBD Special Report:Year In Review




The public may be dissatisfied with the job President Obama is doing — just 37% give him high marks on his overall performance, and only 47% think he deserves re-election, according the IBD/TIPP poll — but most still think he’s likely to win a second term.


Americans don’t like ObamaCare, and majorities have long hoped that it will be repealed. Those who believe it likely that the Supreme Court will overturn the law are also a majority.


Still, a substantial majority of Americans see an income tax hike coming in 2012, with 72% saying one is very or somewhat likely. Among Republicans, the figure is 81%, but even most Democrats surveyed (57%) believe income taxes will be raised in the new year. And across almost every age and demographic group, the figure is around 70%.


Americans have watched the Arab Spring unfold and think there are more changes ahead. Eight in 10 believe that “instability and uprising” will “intensify in the Middle Eastern countries ruled by dictators in 2012.”

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