One and done – Tebow wins on first play in overtime

January 9, 2012 09:37
One and done – Tebow wins on first play in overtime

The spotlight on Tim Tebow due to his Christian faith drew many viewers to witness his dramatic win over the Steelers in his first playoff game. If you left the room you missed it. Denver won the toss and received in the overtime game which has new rules on sudden death requiring a touchdown to win. In the first play from the 20 yard line Tebow threw a touchdown pass that won the game and will lead them to the next game against New England. – (update) The NFL complained of our less than a minute clip of the play so it is no longer available.

A pro-death blogger on the Abortion Gang has tried to use Tebow to raise funds for more baby killing:

A few years back, the-best-person-and-football-player-on-the-planet, Tim
Tebow, the savior from The University of Florida, Heisman Trophy winner,
2010 number 25 draft pick, and now savior quarterback for the Denver
Broncos, made a commercial….he was selling anti-choice propaganda. In his commercial (funded by Focus on the Family) he reminded everyone that his mother was a missionary whose life was threatened by her pregnancy – or more specifically, the pregnancy that would turn into the child who would become the man who would become Tim Tebow. Sophia Brugato, The Abortion Gang, December 13, 2011


This about Tebow from Amy Lutz at TheGOPNet:

Tim Tebow’s endearing nature transfers into life off the field as well. He doesn’t criticize his teammates; he encourages them when they make mistakes. Lost games (or, rather, game) and play failures are taken in stride. Additionally, the young quarterback is perhaps the most unabashed, passionate Christian in the public sphere today. When the Broncos appear to be on the edge of defeat, Tebow calmly sings hymns to fuel his spirit. At post-game press conferences, he always remembers to thank “Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior” and takes a knee and prays after touchdowns and before games in a practice that’s now mockingly known as “Tebowing.”

For some, Tim Tebow has become a symbol of inspiration; yet, for others, he’s no more than a target of mockery. Various football players, like Detroit’s Stephen Tulloch, have started “Tebowing,” not as a sign of worship, but as an insult. After Tulloch sacked Tebow in Denver’s only loss since the boy wonder has taken charge, the linebacker knelt down and “Tebowed,” “thanking God” that he had knocked his adversary to the ground. Many people outside the football world have taken part in the Tebow-bashing as well. The often-insufferable and former CNN host Bill Press claimed that Tebow is a “disgrace” and “embarrassment” and proclaimed that he should STFU about Jesus (for those of you who don’t know, I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what that stands for).

Tebow is perpetually at odds with the nasty, below-the-belt criticism of his unwavering faith and unshakable spirit. However, this has yet to faze him.


And from the Denver Post:

The sellout crowd of 75,970 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High erupted in celebration. Witnesses said that in Denver neighborhoods, delirious people were screaming from their balconies. Patrons at Denver-area bars were heard chanting, “Te-bow! Te-bow!”

Tebowmania is once again inflated. It was the Broncos’ first playoff victory in six years.

Tebow had just come off back-to-back rough performances against the lowly Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs to close out the regular season. He spent the week covering his ears from a deluge of insults from local and national media outlets.

And for an example of Tim Tebow’s faith in action watch this video of him acknowledging a faithful fan who has had severe problems:

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