Pelosi backs out of Occupy movement support

January 18, 2012 06:26

In October Pelosi said “God bless them” of the Occupy movement. “God bless them for their spontaneity .. its young, its focused and its going to be effective.”  Pelosi was joined in her support for the occupiers by socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and Iran’s anti-American theocrat Ayatollah Khamenei and ObamaPelosi and many other Marxists in the US government supported the #OWS protests along with the communists and former White House staffer and revolutionary communist Van Jones. Even theNAZI Party has endorsed the protests. Is something wrong with this picture?

Now after fires in the streets, attacks on police, shutting down major ports, reports of rape, robbery, violence and even lock down at the White House, Pelosi and some of the Democrats are back pedaling on their support of this leftist protest. Birds of a feather they flock together.

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