The Left’s Heart of Darkness

January 7, 2012 08:51

“All we love, all we cherish, all we hope for is spiraling down a long, snaky drain into the leftist heart of darkness. The planned economy, the planned social life built upon the precepts of scientific materialism, the Brave New World of people like Alan Colmes — all fit together in a single awful theme: we — the left, that is — have supplanted God and all the outdated values He prescribed at Sinai, in Galilee, and throughout the Judeo-Christian world.” – AT


By Bruce Walker at American Thinker


Does the left […] not grasp the horrors of the sexual revolution — the millions of abortions, huge subsets of America’s babies born out of wedlock, a huge rise in sexually transmitted diseases, and the general collapse of the nuclear family?


How high does our rate of teenage suicide have to go before leftists like Colmes grasp that the values which most Americans have historically held are not ignorant, but rather wise?  Many of our teenagers are drowning in drugs and booze.  Their media idols lead horrific lives which often end in early death.

Instead of making Heaven, we have opened new doors of Hell.





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