Transnationalism and Postconstitutionalism – Obama’s Subversive Appointments

January 4, 2012 06:12

Clintonista appointments were just a smokescreen regarding what was to be Obama’s stealth agenda.  Subsequent appointments have revealed two persistent themes that that would be a hard sell outside the Beltway. Transnationalism and Postconstitutionalism. – American Thinker


By Jesse Weed at American Thinker


Transnationalism is, in part, the theory/doctrine that the U.S. should subordinate its sovereignty to the U.N. in the interest of world comity.  Policies which weaken national sovereignty such as open borders, rights of illegals, and the promotion of challenges to dominant religious and cultural institutions are consonant with transnationalist objectives.

Postconstitutionalsim (or, more commonly, non-originalism) is the theory/doctrine that the Constitution should be a “living” document adaptable to modern realities.  Indeed, the Constitution should not be locked into the 18th-century mindset of the original framers.

The two doctrines dovetail nicely, and many of Obama’s most influential appointees openly advocate the agenda of the twin sisters.  They include:


Harold Koh – Chief Counsel, State Department

Todd Stern – Climate Czar

John Holdren – Science Czar

Eric Holder – Attorney General

Samantha Power – National Security Council

Preeta Bansal – General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Management & Budget

Cecilia Munoz – Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Executive Office of the President

Cass Sunstein – Regulatory Czar

Mark Lloyd – FCC Chief Diversity Officer


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