Welcome to 2012 — Fasten Your Seatbelts

January 2, 2012 08:43

Imagine a boulder which had been sitting atop a mountain for longer than anyone can remember suddenly being pushed off. That was 2011. Imagine the unpredictable turns, bounces, and destruction the boulder will cause as it hurtles down the mountainside toward its next, if not final, stopping point. That is 2012. – American Spectator


By on 1.2.12 at American Spectator


2011 was a year of worldwide turmoil and great change. I expect — and to a certain degree fear — that last year was the warm-up act to 2012 which, both internationally and domestically, seems likely to be one of the most consequential years in recent history.


the Arab Spring initially appeared to be a move toward freedom in an historically repressive part of the world but is now drifting toward other forms of tyranny. The Middle East remains likely to be the biggest source of turmoil in the coming year.


President Obama’s consistent projection of weakness and his obvious anti-Israeli views will invite Islamist and Palestinian adventurism until the inauguration of a Republican president a year from now.


With an Obama Department of Justice whose brightest ideas include getting our own agents killed with American guns through the criminally negligent “Fast and Furious” scheme, the U.S. will remain mostly dependent on Mexico’s anti-cartel efforts which are led by men who range from committed to utterly corrupt.


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