Are Big Media Covering Up Fast and Furious?

February 1, 2012 05:57

A pimped out press slavishly covering for corrupt leftist regimes while bringing down the opposition is nothing new.  It happens openly every day in places like Cuba and Venezuela.  But here in the land of the free press? – American Thinker


By M. Catharine Evans at American Thinker


It’s been one year and two months since agent Terry died.  Within weeks of his demise, his shocking murder would illuminate a bizarre and murderous government plot to run guns, lots of guns — over 2,000 guns — into the hands of the Sinaloa drug cartel.


Within 24 hours of Terry’s death, officials had traced two AK-47s to an ATF Phoenix-based operation dubbed Fast and Furious.

An amoral herd of left-wing journalists acting like “bootlicking propagandists,” as Orwell once called members of his own British press in 1944, might find it difficult in the long run to get away with suppressing a scandal involving mass murder.


Various  big media outlets that ran 120 stories of Herman Cain’s alleged sexual dalliances from November 2 to November 15 didn’t see a need to enlighten the masses about Fast and Furious.  The number of times “F and F” was mentioned in the same time span?  One.


Are informed journalists who remain silent in the face of evil culpable for sins of omission?  Are journalists who intentionally subvert truth and invert facts, allowing corrupt government officials to ride roughshod over the rule of law, complicit in the very crimes they’re covering up?


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