Bobby Jindal Takes Up Education Reform and Takes On Teachers Unions

February 29, 2012 17:26

The two state teacher unions will set forth their own education proposals, calling for piles of money and keeping poor and mediocre teachers in the classroom—“more investment” and “teacher development,” respectively. – The Weekly Standard


By JOY PULLMANN at The Weekly Standard


Bobby Jindal has departed from his usual consensus-building to take on teacher unions.


It’s hard to summarize Jindal’s education proposals—they’re so numerous, comprehensive, and built upon other states’ experience they might be described as a conservative policy wonk’s Christmas list.

They root up and re-seed the ground in myriad areas: the largest vouchers program in the country, for which half the state’s kids would be eligible; shifting teacher tenure and pay away from union-favored “step-and-lane” pay schedules, “last in, first out,” seniority rules, and lifetime job security. There are policies to create a statewide charter school explosion like that unique to New Orleans post-Katrina, as well as smaller-but-significant policies such as a Parent Trigger, letting kids who graduate high school early take their state education funds to college. His proposals would also grant far greater authority to local principals and superintendents in selecting personnel and managing money.


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