Israeli strike on Iran imminent says former Netanyahu chief of staff

February 20, 2012 05:13

Naftali Bennett former chief of staff to Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Huckabee about Israel’s potential military strike at Iran. Israeli’s are not confident that the Obama administration will support them in a conflict with Iran. They have good reason with Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood uprisings and his seeming disdain for Israel.

Center for Security head Frank Gaffney says Obama has “actively undermined” Israel and that “we are on the cusp of next horrific war for the survival of the state of Israel” in part due to Obama’s foreign policy failures. Gaffney describes the Obama administration actions that have emboldened our enemies and made us weaker in the region.

This is what the “Arab Spring” means to Israel. A huge banner is held up at an Egyptian soccer game calling for another Holocaust:

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