Obama Has Already Lost, and He Doesn’t Even Know It

February 24, 2012 05:26

The good news is that there has been a mass awakening of the American people, who now realize that the mainstream media has a decided leftist tilt and that media polls can no longer be trusted. – American Thinker


By David Coughlin at American Thinker


Barack Obama is a lame-duck president already, but he probably doesn’t realize it since he is surrounded by leftist zealots who insulate him from any contrary opinions and shielded by the partisan mainstream media.  Obama’s popularity began falling right after his election, and the percentage disapproving has exceeded those approving steadily since 2009.


He promised to redistribute our wealth, and he has begun.  He promised to transform our health care system, and he passed ObamaCare.  He promised that his energy policies would dramatically increase energy costs, and they have.  He promised to appoint justices who think like he does to the Supreme Court, and he has.  He promised to pull American troops out of Iraq, regardless of the situation on the ground, and he has.


In other efforts to improve the economy, Obama has nationalized two car companies and exerted unprecedented control over financial institutions with continued fear over the nationalization of banks, and he is in the midst of nationalizing medicine and education.  The administration is proud to have manipulated the unemployment rate to show progress, but Obama’s people have all the while ignored that millions have given up hope and dropped out completely from the employment market.


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