Ryan: Obama ignoring debt crisis will lead to Greek like austerity

February 20, 2012 05:47

“The White House’s rhetoric just doesn’t match the substance.” [they’re lying] “..white House isn’t even trying to solve this problem.” [Obama is all campaigning all the time] “When you strip away all the budget gimmicks and the accounting tricks they just gave us a budget that has a net spending increase of $1.5 trillion dollars and a tax increase of $1.9 trillion dollars. It’s not leadership.” [there are no cuts in Obama’s budget. Comments to the contrary are campaign propaganda]

“They’re not leading, they’re ducking responsibility and that threatens our economy. And that will make us more like Greece.”

“We have a debt fueled economic crisis ahead of us. And if we don’t address them now then it gets ugly like Greece and then you have to impose the kind of austerity that they’re imposing in Greece.”

“What is frustrating about the White House is they’ve had four budget submissions and they’ve decide to duck this challenge every time. More debt more spending more taxes, that hurts our economy. That will lead lead to austerity.”

“Look we had Tim Geithner, who came to the committee on Thursday, he said quote ‘We don’t have a definitive solution. We just don’t like yours.’ I can’t think of a more perfect example of what sums up this administration’s utter lack of leadership.”

“We have a debt crisis staring us in the face and they’re ignoring it and that will lead to Greek like austerity.”

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