Why Obama should be worried

February 2, 2012 10:04

Bad economic news, low fundraising, bad polling, behind in swing states, losing independents, stronger than expected GOP fundraising, tied or trailing GOP candidates while they crucify each other …. Politico


By By JIM VANDEHEI | 2/2/12 | at Politico


There are a bunch of real-time numbers coming in that tell a much different tale.


In short, there’s a new Congressional Budget Office report that shows unemployment likely to climb to nearly 9 percent by the election, there’s polling data showing Obama tied or trailing Mitt Romney in the most important swing states (and doing only marginally better against Ron Paul), and there is mounting evidence that the assumption of a decisive Obama fundraising advantage for the fall might be flat wrong. All of this is happening while Republicans are at their worst, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrichspending millions of dollars and using all of their air time explaining why the other is untrustworthy, deeply flawed and eminently beatable by Obama.



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