Businesses continue fleeing California

March 7, 2012 06:23

In 2011, 254 California companies moved some or all of their work and jobs out of state, 26% more than in 2010…



By Michael Whipple, Editor

Stifling regulations and new crippling “green” energy rules are adding exorbitant costs to doing business in California. Most of the companies leaving are going to non-union right-to-work states without the crippling “green” regulations and taxes.

Mark Perry points out that “California has the second highest state unemployment rate in the country at 11.2%, almost three full percent above the 8.3% national jobless rate. ”



“In 2011, 254 California companies moved some or all of their work and jobs out of state, 26% more than in 2010…

The pace is accelerating, Vranich said. An average of 4.9 businesses left California each week of 2011, compared to 3.9 per week (202 total) in 2010 and one a week (51 total) in 2009.”



Leftist green dreams and union greed have doomed the state to bankruptcy.

George Gilder at Discovery Institute explains part of the problem:

“the so-called Global Warming Solutions Act. Passed in 2006, AB 32 ordained that the state economy be ratcheted back to 1990 levels of so called green-house gases by 2020, a 30 percent drop, and mandated an 80 percent drop by 2050. Together with an unsustainable $500 billion public pension overhang and $28 billion current budgetary shortfall, the effort to cap all energy production dooms the state to bankruptcy.”


“Masking the bailouts for the state will be subsidies for green jobs and stimuli for politically oriented R&D, provisions for so-called “feed-in tariffs” for nuisance energy suppliers and boondoggles for a “smart grid” that can adapt to dumb and erratic power (but is more complex and  vulnerable to sabotage). Eventually there will have to be a costly environmental clean-up for the dilapidated toxic wreckage of windmills and solar panels (replete with lead and cadmium). When all these efforts to save California fail, the last resort will be a debt-withering siege of inflation that depreciates much of the nation’s remaining wealth.”


“All the so-called “renewables” are more costly, environmentally destructive, and inefficient than the existing energy infrastructure. They waste and desecrate the precious resource of arable land that feeds the world while banning the abundant subterranean troves of fossil and nuclear fuels.”


Recently Investor’s Business Daily editorialized about “California’s Economic Suicide“:

“The 262 pages of regulations implementing California’s 2006 global warming legislation, Assembly Bill 32, approved by CARB last Thursday, will probably reduce employment more than it reduces emissions. The only thing it will cap is economic growth by bleeding a patient that is already hemorrhaging red ink.”


“The question is why — in the face of evidence that the prospect of imminent doom from man-caused weather danger is on overhyped scam based on doctored data — California risks repeating the sad experience of Spain. There, subsidized windmills and solar panels dotted the landscape, only to wind up with a collapsed economy that lost 2.2 jobs for every “green job” created.

A 2009 study by economists at the California State University, Sacramento, commissioned by the California Small Business Roundtable, found the legislation would result in “a total loss of (economic) output of $182.649 billion annually,” with an estimated impact on small businesses alone of 1.1 million jobs.”

Looks like the naysayers were right as businesses continue to flee along with the jobs they provide.

This mirrors Obama’s plan for America. Obama has pumped billions of borrowed dollars into a green energy scam that largely funnels money to key campaign fundraisers. This plays well with his major donors from groups like the Sierra club and rich greenies who don’t have to worry about the cost of electricity or gasoline.

Unions have already been paid off in the multi-billion dollar bailout of GM and Chrysler. Obama GAVE billions to the unions and screwed the actual debtors of GM and Chrysler. The taxpayers are still out about $27 billion in that grand scheme.

Watching the California disaster is a preview to the “fundamental transformation of America” that Obama promised in 2008.


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