Harvard Biologist Accuses Al Gore of ‘Environmental Slave Profiteering’

March 14, 2012 04:45

Considering the damage to millions of People’s lives and savings accounts, these policies are  worse than just ineffective environmental policies.   They are, without qualification, treasonous and oppressive violations of every American’s right to the pursuit of happiness.


by Jonathan Gal


It is amazing that so many Americans are willing to tolerate 8%+ unemployment, 15%+ underemployment, & 49 Million People in poverty, when America can do so much better than that. The economy is capable of achieving 5% unemployment rate for sustained periods of time; and the difference between the current conditions and the full employment rate of 5% is night and day for tens of millions of People. Indeed, those who work in the field of humanitarian relief ought to be focused on America, instead of Africa. Under Obama’s policies, America can no longer afford to be the world’s humanitarian reliever. We are being dragged down into third world status ourselves, by Obama’s high oil policies.


The poor economic performance of this economy begs the question, “How can any U.S. administration, with an educated staff and all the powers of the Presidency, possibly continue on with such inane policies as this administration is doing?”


The answer lies primarily in misguided environmental policy; but before I launch into my critique of Obama’s environmental policies, please allow me to lay out my environmental credentials. I am not some long-time supporter of big oil and the old energy industry who doesn’t give a hoot about the environment, as one might surmise from the coming attack on Obama’s environmental policies. Rather, I am a “Green Republican.” I have worked in the U.S. Senate as an environmental research intern. I care about the environment. I care about clean air and clean water. In short, I care about good stewardship of the Lord’s great earth. And, still, I submit to you, that Obama’s policies are wholly ineffective at achieving meaningful environmental gains. Considering the damage to millions of People’s lives and savings accounts, these policies are worse than just ineffective environmental policies. They are, without qualification, treasonous and oppressive violations of every American’s right to the pursuit of happiness.


The primary reason that this economy is not recovering faster is the high price of oil, and other commodities. The oil price affects the price of everything else, in the economy. That’s why oil and energy are such contentious issues. They affect every aspect of our lives. Every product that we buy. Every service that we use. Everything that we do on this earth, these days, requires oil, or some other form of energy. And, with oil trading well above $100 per barrel, it is no wonder that so many millions of People are unemployed, underemployed, and/or living below the poverty line.


Yet, still, the Obamites, backed by a cadre of elite venture capitalists, like Al Gore, who are heavily invested into alternative fuels, look the other way. They turn a blind eye to the poverty and the unemployment, and even the right to pursue happiness of tens of millions of People. They argue that high oil prices are the only means to achieving a clean tech revolution; and they are willing to oppress millions of Americans with the slavery of high fuel prices in order to achieve that end. If ever a man deserved the label of “slave profiteer”, it is none other than Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.


Such policies are ill-advised, especially when we face such serious fiscal issues as we do now. It is not necessary to throw tens of millions of Americans into poverty in order to achieve a clean technology revolution. Anyone who tells you that high oil prices are necessary to achieve clean technology goals is probably one of three kinds of people: (a) an outright imbecile; (b) a misinformed parrot, who is repeating that idiotic brain pollution after seeing it on CNN, or other liberal media outlets; or (c) a venture capitalist like Al Gore trying to hawk the IPO’s of junky, clean technology companies that he/she is heavily invested in.


As a matter of fact, there are three (3) important pre-requisites to a strong and viable clean technology revolution; and the first one is: FULL EMPLOYMENT. Innovation occurs best, not when an economy is struggling along with 9% unemployment and high poverty rates, but rather when the ‘old economy’ is doing well. That’s when people are feeling optimistic. That’s when people are willing to try new things. That’s when investors and corporate managers have enough cash flow to invest in clean technology research and development. And, that’s when the capital markets are strong enough to sustain a major wave of innovation. Innovation is the crowning achievement of a prosperous economy, not an excuse for throwing tens of millions of Americans into poverty.


The other two pre-reqs are: strong capital markets & low inflation. After more than three years in the White House, Obama hasn’t achieved any one of those pre-requisites, let alone a booming clean tech revolution. Not one single one. As any college professor will tell you, you must complete the pre-reqs before your take the advanced coursework. And, as any GOOD college professor will tell you … if you cannot complete the pre-reqs after three years in the White House, then you are not accepted into the advanced courses at all. No more excuses. Obama must be ousted immediately.


At the end of the day, every other public political ambition of Americans, including even environmental goals, is dependent on a strong economy and an abundant supply of affordable energy. Furthermore, there are more than 300 Million private American dreams that also depend on abundant, affordable energy supplies. Energy policy is the pivotal issue of this election, and Newt Gingrich is the only Presidential Candidate who understands this. That’s why I urge you to join me in supporting Newt Gingrich for President of the United States of America.


Jonathan L. Gal, Harvard Biologist and Political Blogger. Descendant from those early Christians of the Roman Province of Galatia, Jonathan is a Republican who has worked on environmental issues in the United States Senate for former conservative Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH). The correct pronunciation of his last name rhymes with “ball.” He blogs at The Galatian Free Press.


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