How Iran Could Save America

March 9, 2012 05:23
How Iran Could Save America

Displaying weakness at every turn, Obama has damaged the nation’s international position to the point where war with Iran is now unavoidable. – American Thinker


By William L. Gensert at American Thinker

Iran has been relentless in its pursuit of confrontation, with one provocation after another, and Barack Obama — just as Neville Chamberlain, so long ago — has been ridiculously reasonable.


Weakness in the face of aggression is the father of war.  The coming conflagration will be born of Barack Obama’s inability to stand up for the interests of the nation he is supposed to be leading.


Obama considers America intrinsically unfair, to its citizens, and to humanity.  For him, the world’s problems are a function of America’s arrogance and unbridled use of its military to protect its unfair economic advantage.

Our President does not consider himself an American.  He is bigger than that.  He is a world citizen.



When Barack Obama ascended to the Presidency on 1/20/09, there was still time to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear capability.



The President claims he doesn’t “bluff?”  Please, the laughter reverberates worldwide.  Once you have shown yourself to be weak, you can’t talk tough.  It only makes you look weaker.



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