Joe the Plumber to face Dem who beat left wing Kucinich

March 7, 2012 08:54

Joe the Plumber will face Rep. Marcy Kaptur who edged out fellow Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich in a redistricted battle in Ohio.


By Josh Lederman at The Hill



Neither Kaptur nor Kucinich sought out the fight. Drawn into the same district by GOP mapmakers, the two friends and House allies were forced to square off in the first of about a dozen redistricting-induced primary showdowns.


Kaptur will face Republican Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe the Plumber,” in the general election. Wurzelbacher was given the moniker by the McCain-Palin presidential campaign, who in 2008 used Wurzelbacher as an example of disenfranchised blue-collar voters. He won the GOP primary by 51-49 over Steven Kraus.

A 14-term congresswoman and the longest-serving female member of the House, Kaptur is poised to easily win reelection in November in the redrawn, Democratic-leaning district.

But for Kucinich, this could be the end of the line.


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