Obama Insane-istration spends $4.4 million to train firefighters how not to be electrocuted in Chevy Volt fires

March 20, 2012 06:11

Four more years of this insanity? Obama’s Utopian green dream car built by union bailout money and heavily subsidized by even more tax dollars can catch fire and then electrocute first responders trying to save the driver. So the DOE has allocated $4.4 million of your borrowed tax dollars to train firemen on how to first cut the battery cables twice before trying to save you. They get stupider and stupider.

Stephen Smoot at Townhall.com has the story:


“The lithium-ion used in modern electric cars are not like the old lead-acid batteries of the past. They are more powerful and, when damaged, the fluid inside can leak out, creating a short on the circuit boards that are used to control the batteries. The fluid dries and crystallizes, creating a short, sometimes weeks after the damage to the battery occurred.”


This results in spontaneous fires, such as happened in a Volt three weeks after a crash test at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


“There is a yellow First Responder cable “cut” tag wrapped around the low volt positive battery cable behind the fuse panel door, located on the left side of the rear compartment (see diagram on next page). This cable should be cut first to disable the vehicle safely before beginning any extrication. The cable should be cut on both sides of the label to ensure the cut cable ends do not inadvertently touch and re-energize the vehicle.”


General Motors also warns that “cutting these cables can result in serious injury or death.”



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