Obama’s Clueless, Contemptuous Energy Policies

March 21, 2012 05:06

It is possible to list dozens, if not hundreds, of energy production options, but there are really only two basic types: there are projects that produce energy that is worth more than it costs, and there are ventures that produce energy that costs more than it’s worth. Obama’s energy strategy, which he seemed so proud of in his speech, is to tax the former in order to subsidize the latter. – Forbes

By Louis Woodhill at Forbes.com


A president who appointed an Energy Secretary that sang the praises of $8.00/gallon gasoline, now claims to be sympathetic to people forced to pay $4.00/gallon.



… here’s how we deliver the same results as wind power, but at half the cost to taxpayers.

First, we end the subsidies. This will stop new wind turbines from being built, and, over time, cause all of the existing ones to shut down. Second, we allow the free market to replace the electricity obtained from wind energy with power produced by burning cheap natural gas. Third, we hire 17,500 unemployed veterans at $100,000/year each, and put them to work as snipers to kill the 400,000 birds (including 70 golden eagles) that are now hacked to death each year by wind turbines. Voila, the same results as wind power, and a savings of $1.75 billion/year for the taxpayers.


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