Paul Ryan Leads

March 21, 2012 15:50

Obama has never produced a plan to balance the budget on any time frame. His treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, admitted as much in recent testimony before the House. Nor have Senate Democrats, who have not produced any budget at all for three years. – NRO


By The Editors at National Review Online


He knows that President Obama and the Democrats will not allow his budget plan to become law this year, but he wants to recommit the Republican party to spending restraint, tax reform, and a strong defense. Naturally, the Obama White House is already shrieking. Ryan’s budget, it says, “fails the test of fairness, balance, and shared responsibility.”


what we suspect is the president’s real, though secret, plan: to allow taxes to rise on everyone, in effect cycling the middle class’s money back to it through Washington for the benefit of the Democratic party.


Ryan and the Republicans have, nonetheless, put forward a plan to bring the federal debt under control and to avoid massive tax increases. Neither the president nor his Democratic allies have done these things. The contrast is very much to the former’s credit and the latter’s shame.




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