Ten Indications That Obama Is Scared

March 1, 2012 05:54

Though there has been a slight shift upward in Obama’s poll numbers, Obama knows the real temperature of the American people.  Here are 10 indicators as to why Obama will have sleepless nights leading up to the election of 2012:


By Kevin Jackson at American Thinker

1. Obama started African Americans for Obama.  When blacks supposedly voted at 95 percent for Obama in the last election, one has to question his motives in starting this group…..

2. Obama started a Spanish-language website.  Now, most people would call this clever; however, this move could backfire and is a pure sign that Obama knows he is in trouble. ….

3. Obama’s energy policy is pure comedy.  When Obama took office, gasoline averaged $1.89.  Gasoline is now at its highest point in history, averaging $3.65 a gallon — and it’s getting higher. …

4. Obama now supports super-PACs.  Aside from the multitude of flip-flops or blatant “untruths,” Obama has now decided that for the good of the country, he must embrace the idea of “buying his next election.” …

5. Obama has feigned shifting right. …

6. Obama began the Truth Teams, dismantling Attack Watch.   …

7. Obama is changing his slogan. ….

8. Obama’s foreign policy strategy is in shambles. ..




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