Unions trump free speech at schools – contractor fired over bumper sticker

March 27, 2012 04:38

[A] custodian working for a private contractor at Whitewater (Wisconsin) High School was recently fired by her employer after two school employees, including the supervisor of custodians, demanded that she remove a pro-Scott Walker sign from her car and she refused. – BigGovernment.com


by Education Action Group at Big Government


If you recall, Big Labor is attempting to recall Gov. Walker over his new law that curtails collective bargaining privileges for public employee unions.

Mary Taylor, an employee with Diversified Building Maintenance, was allegedly sent home after school employees complained to her supervisor about the pro-Walker sign in her car, which was parked in the school parking lot.


In a separate memo obtained by Belling, Diversified Manager Joan Dedolph confirmed that school [union] employees demanded that the pro-Walker sign be removed.


Readers who think this kind of rigid, narrow-minded thinking isn’t seeping into the classroom are kidding themselves.


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