You lie! Govt Stats Show Drilling Permits On Federal Land Down Under Obama

March 27, 2012 04:24

Obama says “we’re drilling everywhere” but he is deceiving the public. He knows his anti-energy polices have become a hot topic now that record high gas prices have focused scrutiny on his war on fossil fuels.

Obama is also misleading the American public by saying we only have 2% of the worlds oil supply. In fact, we have enough oil to meet our needs for the next 200 years. If Obama and the Democrats would get out of the way the US could be energy self sufficient in just 12 years.

America is awash in oil. A nationwide industry boom could reduce unemployment, boost the economy, lower gas prices and free us from terrorist sponsored oil. The boom in North Dakota’s Williams county has dropped their unemployment rate to a record .o8%.

Meanwhile Obama continues to waste billions on failed unsustainable green energy scams. The oil boom is on private land with less control by the Obama administration. In areas where Obama has control oil production is down and falling.

Obama hopes to convince you that you need to pay higher energy prices to funnel money to Democrat donor companies that have jumped on the Obama green train. Of course it’s your green they’re after.

Just recently we reported on the $14 MILLION per green job spent subsidizing the wind industry. Now we hear of a solar company that has resulted in $50 MILLION for ten permanent jobs. How long will we put up with this insanity?

Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu is on the record as having said we need higher gas prices like those in Europe. A new congressional report has determined that the Obama administration is intentionally causing high gas prices. Obama seems to be doing everything he can to increase gas prices, inhibit domestic oil drilling and ruin the coal industry. His green energy policies cause consumers to pay as much as 38% more for electricity.

Obama used Spain’s green initiative as a blueprint for how the United States should use federal funds to stimulate the economy. Obama’s economic stimulus package allocated billions of dollars to the green jobs industry. Much of that has been wasted as Solyndra and and several other “green” companies have filed bankruptcy.

Spain’s unemployment reached 22.8% which is the highest in 17 years. The “green” jobs myth helped cause the problem.

A study released in January of 2010 showed that every “green job” created with government money in Spain over the previous eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs, and only one in 10 of the newly created green jobs became a permanent job. The study draws parallels with the green jobs programs of the Obama administration.

We have a president who promised a plan that would ‘skyrocket’ electricity rates, an EPA that bases its illegal and tyrannical power grab on fraudulent data and suppressed any dissent, and an administration that is collectively working to ruin the oil, steel, coal, and cement industries. An administration that ignores the will of the people and its congress and seems to be doing all it can to destroy jobs and the economy while promising to make jobs and economic growth its first priority.

The Wall Street Journal reported that North American oil could increase substantially over the next decade:

“The United States has become the fastest-growing oil and gas producer in the world, and it is likely to remain so for the rest of this decade and into the 2020s. Add to this output the steadily growing Canadian production and a likely reversal of Mexico’s recent production decline, and theoretically total oil production from the three countries could rise by 11.2 million barrels per day by 2020, or to 26.6 million barrels per day from around 15.4 million per day at the end of 2011.”

And …

“In energy, North America is becoming the new Middle East. The only thing that can stop it is domestic politics.” [emphasis added]


Are we going to continue to believe what they say or start seeing what they do?


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