Democrats Have Nothing to Offer But Fear Itself

April 26, 2012 08:54

Obama’s budget plan was so ludicrous that not one House Democrat would vote for it.  The Democrats’ refusal to govern hardly ends here. – IBD Editorials


From IBD Editorials


Asked why the Senate hasn’t produced a budget in three years, the head of the Democratic Party instead stoked fear about the “Romney-Ryan budget that ends Medicare as we know it.” FDR, call your office.


The Senate hasn’t produced a budget since 2009 and refuses to this year, which means that once again the red-ink hemorrhaging federal government will be operating without any spending guidelines.


The country faces monumental problems — a national debt crisis, an entitlement crisis, an energy crisis, to say nothing of the lingering economic crisis.

But on issue after issue, Democrats have absolutely nothing constructive to offer — no entitlement-reform ideas, no budget-reform proposals, no debt-reduction plans, no credible energy policies.


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