Four more years of this insanity?

April 15, 2012 15:43

Yates Walker has assessed Obama’s term succinctly in 231 words. – The Daily Caller


By Yates Walker at The Daily Caller


Fifty billion dollars of other people’s money is nothing between pals, GM.

After a full year of receiving unemployment checks, you have 47 more weeks to go.

If you give up trying to find a job, you are no longer unemployed. Congratulations.

Dividing citizens against each other, according to union membership, skin color and wealth, is called “leadership.”

Seizing money from the rich is called “justice,” and, for our present purposes, let’s call our great grandchildren’s generation “rich.”

Murdering infants is a choice, a choice that will be funded by the American taxpayer.

When money is needed, money is printed.

It is possible to lead from behind.

Up, henceforth, will be down … but subject to change.

When he said “hope and change,” we should have asked for specifics.



From the WaPo -ABC poll:





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