Why Obama Lies

April 19, 2012 04:57

[T]he lies keep coming and will expand exponentially during the campaign at a far faster pace of growth than the economy has under Barack Obama’s stewardship. – American Thinker



By Ed Lasky at American Thinker


But why does he — and his supporters — feel they can so blithely lie to us?


…. He is so confident of his oratory that he, as is true of many con men, can feel confident that whatever message is being peddles will be believed.

The liberal media will provide cover for them and will not judge the veracity of his claims. …. He can rest assured that major media will not fact-check most of his claims or filter out the most obvious fabrications.


He will use his vast war chest to flood the media with commercials filled with all sorts of fantastical claims regarding his record while demonizing Republicans — especially his likely opponent, Mitt Romney.


Barack Obama and his supporters apparently feel the end justifies the means — as has been true of many despots throughout history, by the way.


However, there may be a more fundamental reason we are so consistently lied to by Barack Obama and his allies: they just do not respect most Americans and have very little regard for our intelligence.


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