Bad News For Obama Means Good News For The Nation

May 9, 2012 10:21

If there is a continuation of Obama or his policies (and there is no guarantee that Romney or some other horse is capable or willing to roll back the damage and not extend it), then anyone under 40 with any kind of ability should consider leaving.


From Monty Pelerin


The 2012 election, I believe, will be a rout comparable to the 2010 election. “The One” will be sent to the dustbin of American politics, hopefully to never resurface. If my prediction, especially regarding the man at the top, does not come true, then I will advise my kids and their kids to leave the country — NOW!

If there is a continuation of Obama or his policies (and there is no guarantee that Romney or some other horse is capable or willing to roll back the damage and not extend it), then anyone under 40 with any kind of ability should consider leaving. The entire world is in turmoil now so it is not easy to determine where to go. But eventually places will straighten out and return to normal. That may not be the case in the United States.

The internet and other new technologies are making it possible to live in one place and do business in many other places. Work will continue its separation from physical location and that is a good thing for those in favor of freedom as opposed to Statism.

Human capital is as mobile as wealth and we have already seen both take flight from the US. A continuation of Obama or his policies will accelerate that process. To understand what it means when talent and capital abandon an area, use Detroit as a model.

One early analysis of yesterday’s election results is optimistic and properly irreverent. Perhaps contained within these results is a sign that the country is returning to its senses even if its leadership has not.

Here is Erick Erickson’s initial observations on yesterday’s activity:

A Terrible, No Good, Awful Night for Barack Obama

Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary)

Wednesday, May 9th at 4:46AM EDT

One initial point to ponder: if the No-H8 campaign tries to fire up in North Carolina as the No-A1 campaign, people will wonder why they are campaigning against steak sauce. Probably won’t happen. North Carolina did not pass a ban on gay marriage as the media reports. Rather they refused to allow their definition of marriage to be changed. The marriage definition was put into law years ago, but with an onslaught of judicial activists, the voters in North Carolina decided to shut down any further consideration of the issue.

The most fascinating bit of it all is that time and time again gay marriage polls quite well in the United States. Time and time again, gay marriage proponents go down to defeat at the actual polls. Said one gay marriage proponent on Twitter last night to me, “It will be a happy day when all hate filled Xians are dead.” Xians is “Christians” in Twitter speak. At first I thought it was a Xenu or Thetans reference.

This was a bad night for Barack Obama. Whoever decided to put the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina should be given a lollipop by the GOP for the intense level of comedic schadenfreude we can all now watch. The Democrats will convene in a proudly right to work state whose state Democratic Party is imploding due to a gay sexual harassment scandal, the state itself just voted for marriage by a margin few statewide candidates in North Carolina get, and twenty percent of Democrats voted against Barack Obama in the North Carolina Democratic Primary.

On the bright side, North Carolina is not West Virginia where a felon in federal prison in Texas locked up 40% of the vote in the Democratic Primary against Barack Obama. The Chain Gang looks to be as popular as the Change Gang.

In Indiana, Rickard Mourdock beat Richard Lugar. Lugar is Barack Obama’s favorite Republican Senator. The Washington, DC Gang of 500 — the political reporters who set the tone for political coverage in America — are still crying in their beer as the sun rises that Indiana’s statewide elected Treasurer beat a Republican incumbent who has never been a threat to the liberal agenda the Gang of 500 agrees with.

The truth is that as much as tea party energy gave Richard Mourdock a surge and a platform, two-thirds of Indiana’s county Republican chairmen and a majority of the Indiana GOP State Committee encouraged Mourdock to run. Lugar did not lose for defying the tea party. He lost because he lost touch with Indiana.

In West Virginia, a felon in a federal prison in Texas gave Barack Obama a run for his money in the Democratic Primary for President. Seriously! The felon got about 40% of the vote. Joe Manchin, West Virginia’s Democratic Senator would not even tell reporters who he voted for in the primary.

Then there’s Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, more Republicans turned out than Democrats for the Democrats’ contested primary. The Democrat who won the right to challenge Scott Walker in the recall was, only a month ago, savaged by the unions and has already spoken up in favor of tax increases.

But if that’s not enough, then there’s Europe. Yes folks, Europe.

The Greeks have handed 37 year old Alexi Tsipras the right to form a government. He is a radical leftist who wants to abandon the Greek bailout, nationalize the banks, restore all salaries and pensions, and restore collective bargaining.

In France, Hollande the socialist won. He wants to renegotiate the austerity measures Europe has never really even implemented.

All this means European economic turmoil could be about to rear its ugly head, also plunging the United States further into the economic morass. That will only hurt Barack Obama.

Friends, put bluntly, there is a lot of hype and posturing out there in the media on Barack Obama’s behalf. The Gang of 500 is friendly toward him. There are better relations there than with Team Romney. They are more likely to buy into the Obama spin. But spin it is. The reality is the nation, heck even a lot of Democrats, are rejecting Barack Obama.


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