Chameleon Nation – Are we running out of minorities?

May 15, 2012 09:48

Do Attorney General Eric Holder’s children qualify? Do 1/32 (one great-great-great grandparent) or 1/16 (one great-great grandparent) Cherokees receive preferential treatment? And if so, who administers this odious Jim Crow one-drop DNA test, and how? –



By Victor Davis Hanson at


… U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren had self-identified as a Native American for nearly a decade — apparently to enhance her academic career by claiming minority status. Warren, a blond multimillionaire, could not substantiate her claim of 1/32 Cherokee heritage.


University of Colorado academic Ward Churchill was likewise exposed as a fraud in his claims of Native American ancestry.


In the Trayvon Martin murder case, the media was intent on promulgating a white oppressor/black victim narrative as proof of endemic white prejudice that still haunts America and thus requires perpetual recompense.

… a glitch arose when it was learned that Zimmerman had a Peruvian mother. ….  So the panicked media coined a new hybrid term for Zimmerman: “white Hispanic.”

Note that the media has so far not in commensurate fashion referred to President Obama as a “white African-American” even though he too had a white parent.


after a half-century in our self-created racial labyrinth, no one quite knows who qualifies as an oppressed victim or why — only that the more one can change a name or emphasize lineage, the better the careerist edge.


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