Did Chinese abortion activist get the boot for Hillary visit? – UPDATE!

May 2, 2012 06:01

Don’t look for much support from pro-death Hillary and the Obama administration over the Chinese activist who exposed the forced abortion policies rampant in China.


Chen Guangcheng had taken refuge in the U.S. Embassy in China but has now gone as Hillary heads to China.  The state department has put out a bizarre explanation of his leaving the embassy just days before Hillary Clinton’s arrival.

Clinton and Treasury Secretary Geithner are meeting with senior Chinese officials on strategic and economic issues.  It is not much of a stretch to think that China threatened economic action that could hurt Obama’s reelection chances if the U.S. didn’t boot the activist out of the embassy. China is the largest foreign holder of America’s debt and could easily influence our economy by dumping bonds or just announcing that it would. We have become their debt slaves. The Obama administration will not take any chances before the election. Remember the off mic comment of Obama to the Russians to just “wait until after the election” so he would have “more flexibility.”


In the astonishment surrounding Chen Guangcheng’s extraordinary escape from house arrest and taking refuge in the U.S. embassy, let’s not forget why he was arrested: in 2006 Chen exposed the Chinese government’s systematic, massive use of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization to enforce its “One Child Policy.” WRWF obtained a copy of Chen’s field notes and we released the first English translation of these notes at a Congressional Hearing on December 6, 2011. You can read The Chen Guangcheng Report here.

A member of Chen’s team, human rights attorney Teng Biao, drafted this 2005 investigative report into coercive family planning in Linyi City, Shandong Province. The report contains extensive witness statements from cases Chen and his team were investigating before Chen was jailed. In the report are detailed accounts regarding:
•   a woman forcibly aborted and sterilized at seven months;
•   villagers sleeping in fields to evade Family Planning Officials;
•  Family Planning Officials who broke three brooms over the head of an elderly man;
•   Family Planning Officials who forced a grandmother and her brother to beat each other; and
•   The use of quota systems and the practice of “implication” – the detention, fining and torture of the extended family of One Child Policy “violators.”
The Chen Guangcheng report makes clear: the spirit of the Red Guards lives on in China’s Family Planning death machine. WRWF released the names of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, so that they can be held accountable before the world.
Apparently, things have not improved in Linyi since 2005. Just last month, a woman in Linyi was forcibly aborted at nine months.  A photo of her full term baby floating in the bucket in which it was drowned circulated widely on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, eliciting widespread outrage. In April 2011, Family Planning Officials stabbed a man to death when attempting to seize his sister for a forced sterilization.  In October 2011, a woman, six months pregnant, died during a forced abortion in Lijing County, also in Shandong Province.
Chen sought refuge in the embassy to be safe from the tyrannical communist regime in China. He showed that forced abortion is not a choice. It is official government rape. Until women in China are free to exercise perhaps their most fundamental right — the right to bear children — the nation of China will not be free. Until America faces up to the political dogmatic leftists who do nothing in the face of such genocide we remain the embarrassed slaves to our communist masters.


ChinaAid also received reports from reliable source that Chen’s decision for departure from the US Embassy was done reluctantly because “serious threat to his immediate family members were made by Chinese government” if Chen refuses to accept the Chinese government’s offer. Relevant reports also show that unfortunately the US side “has abandoned Mr. Chen.”


“We are deeply concerned about this sad development if the reports about Chen’s involuntary departure (from US Embassy) are true.” said Bob Fu, President of ChinaAid who knew 15 hours in advance about this “deal” through reliable sources.


“While we understand Chen’s wish all along was to live as a free man in China, to seek political asylum was not the ideal option as he did not want to be an observer of the fight for reform and the rule of law,” said Fu. “He has the admiration of the world right now and that will perhaps help keep him safe in the short-term, but I am fearful what could happen if the world loses interest. The government sees him as a trouble-maker and a threat to their legitimacy, a very serious concern in the aftermath of the Bo Xilai scandal. The free world has a moral imperative and obligation to ensure Chen’s protection, his fight for freedom is one shared by us all.”


ChinaAid calls upon both the Chinese Government and US Government to release details of the negotiation deal about Chen and his family so that the international community can hold relevant parties accountable.

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