Let’s all claim minority status like Elizabeth Warren

May 10, 2012 16:00

[T]he only way to achieve numerical homogeneity is to suppress equal opportunity and competition and merit-based hiring and to impose quotas and outright discrimination upon society.  And that is exactly what the feminists, the race-hucksters, and the liberals really want! – American Thinker


By Steven Plaut at American Thinker


I think the attacks against Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to be an American Indian to advance her career, are wrong.  …  She sabotaged America’s racist affirmative action regime, or — the term I prefer to call it — America’s affirmative apartheid.

She should be our role model.

… none of us have to be “pure blooded” members of the preferred minority group …  …. the affirmative Klansters want us to have a certain minimum portion of “blood” from the preferred racial group to “count,” a bit like the way Adolf Hitler’s people defined race.

… since affirmative action is supposed to be a form of compensation for those who have suffered past discrimination, isn’t it about time that we introduce reverse affirmative action?  … a system of preferences and special benefits for those people who have been discriminated against by 45 years of affirmative action programs.  The prime beneficiary group should be Asian-Americans, …..  But plain-vanilla Caucasians also deserve to be beneficiaries.


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