Liberals Ruin Everything

May 16, 2012 08:05

[W]hen the people have control of their money, their savings, and their children’s education, and when they promote morality through their churches, we can call the result civil society.  When they lose it, bit by bit, we call it the road to serfdom, a road that ends in totalitarianism. – American Thinker


By Christopher Chantrill at American Thinker


It’s a point of pride among urban liberals around the president not to understand the ordinary American.


when a political dynasty has been getting things wrong for the best part of a century, then the ruin can get to be pretty serious.  And that is what is agitating the average white guys of the nation like Ray Guy: the specter of ruin, economic, moral, and personal.

Let us rehearse four big things that liberals have got wrong again and again and that are increasing the amount of ruin in the nation.


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