Part Two: The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama

May 15, 2012 05:58

In Part I of this report, we examined President Obama’s earliest role models and the influence each likely had on him as he shaped his worldview. With an anti-colonialist father, a mother who rejected Western society, a communist mentor, a domestic-terrorist benefactor, and an anti-Semitic preacher, the reasons behind Obama’s past and present actions come more sharply into focus. Below, we navigate through just some of the president’s questionable political positions.- The Blaze / GBTV


by Tiffany Gabbay at The Blaze / GBTV


“Brave” enough to order the killing Osama bin Laden…but had a back-up memo to blame the military in case it went wrong?


While a U.S. president serves many roles during his or her term in office, their greatest responsibility lies in being “Commander in Chief” of the nation’s armed forces. It is perhaps for this reason more than any other, that the president’s gaffes, flubs, and insults where America’s servicemen and women are concerned are so egregious.


Now recall that Obama’s father was a staunch anti-colonialist. With this in mind, it might make sense that the president insisted on returning to Britain, our staunchest ally, the bust of “pro-colonialist” Winston Churchill — even though the move was an insult of epic proportions. The bust had been a loaned gift in the wake of September 11, meant to show the U.K.’s solidarity with America in a most grievous time. But this was not the only time Obama snubbed Britain.


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