Schumer Is As Devious and Divisive as Obama

May 31, 2012 07:03

The sleazy, sneaky and egomaniacal Charles (Chuck) Schumer,… is one of the greatest reasons why the United States MUST pass a Constitutional Amendment limiting ALL elected terms to federal government offices to ONE FOUR YEAR TERM and OUT!


By Jerry McConnell


The sleazy, sneaky and egomaniacal Charles (Chuck) Schumer, sadly the possessor of one of America’s honored titles of governance, United States Senator, is one of the greatest reasons why the United States MUST pass a Constitutional Amendment limiting ALL elected terms to federal government offices to ONE FOUR YEAR TERM and OUT!




Addicted to face time on cameras, particularly television, the sappy, smarmy self indulgent look on his face readily tells of his endearing love for publicity and the need for acceptance. It is common knowledge on the campaign trails that a cautious person never places himself in a position between a camera and Chuck Schumer; it is the political scenario of being in ‘harm’s way.’




This obnoxious glory seeking career politician who has never worked an honest day since graduating from law school, HAHVAD of course, began his career on the public payroll at the age of 23 when he got elected to the New York State Assembly in 1974. That is nearly FORTY years of living off taxpayer dollars and all the slush that can be obtained through connivance and shady practices.




But in spite of all of those endearing qualities which the residents of his home state of New York use to keep returning this socialist-communist to public office, he is also very much into anti-Americanism and in favor of destroying our United States Constitution. His plans for the destruction of one of this country’s most precious and revered documents, that ironically cites the laws that effectually protect all of the good citizens of America, our Constitution, are no longer secret.




The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) has released information through the “Friends of Patriot Update” that Schumer would circumvent a United States Supreme Court decision providing great benefit to the socialist-communist liberal Democrats in this country.


The CFIF states, “In an attempt to undercut and circumvent the U.S. Supreme Court, which is widely expected to uphold Arizona’s tough anti-illegal immigration enforcement law, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is working to ram Barack Obama’s pro-Amnesty for Illegal Aliens policy down our throats and strip ALL 50 states of their sovereignty.”


CFIF explains that Schumer who anticipates SCOTUS to uphold Arizona’s SB 1070 The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act is rushing a new law through the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, which he chairs, that would nullify Arizona’s law, or any other state that might attempt the same, by banning all states from legislation to solve illegal immigration problems.




This sneaky weasel doesn’t care if America goes down the tubes from excessive illegal immigration, he and his teat mommy, Barack Obama just want those illegal alien votes, no matter how they are acquired. Schumer is the rottenest of the rotten and would gladly pull the trigger on you and me to gain some illegal votes. The future of the concept of individual state’s sovereignty could be disappearing as we watch these liberal Democrat un-American fiascoes unfold.


CFIF goes on, “Never mind the fact that the Obama Administration refuses to enforce our nation’s immigration laws… Damn the Constitution and states’ rights…Schumer and the Obama Administration have made it clear that they will stop at nothing to impose their extreme illegal alien policies on the entire nation, regardless of what the America people think or the Supreme Court says.


“Attorneys for the Obama Administration left the Supreme Court Arizona immigration law hearings last month in a slump. Based on the justices’ comments and questions, it appears the administration will lose and Arizona’s immigration enforcement law will stand.


“During the hearing, Justice Scalia posed the following question:


“What does sovereignty mean if it does not include the authority to defend your borders?”


“Chief Justice Roberts asked,


“What could possibly be wrong with State law enforcement officers checking the legal immigration status of detainees” and passing that information to Federal immigration enforcement officials?


“But the likely pro-Arizona ruling means nothing to the liberals backing the Obama Administration’s determination to force the states to accept and grant special protected status to illegal aliens.”


It all boils down to the fact that we MUST get Term Limits enacted for all of our federal elected offices. After four years they face reelection and we have seen how corrupt and actually downright law-breaking they can become in order to extend their terms of self enrichment in office. I wouldn’t even doubt that capital offenses could easily be programmed given the degree of their greed and avarice.


Editor’s note: The real reason Democrats want amnesty is to increase their voter base to the point that elections will be moot. Here is SEIU Sec/Tres explaining the numbers:



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