Teaparty takedown of Obama’s pet RINO in Indiana

May 9, 2012 06:08

Another long time liberal Republican senator who helped Democrats move the country to bankruptcy, profligate spending and tyranny by agency went down to defeat nearly 2 to 1 in Indiana’s primary. Lugar was portrayed by his opponent as Obama’s favorite Republican because of his willingness to go along to get along. Good riddance.

Sarah Palin had endorsed Lugar’s opponent. Lugar was a globalist with ties to George Soros. Murdock’s win gives a glimmer of hope to those hoping to save the Republic from the “fundamental transformation of America” into a socialist state by Obama and his progressive/Democrat/socialists.

Senator Lugar was a key backer of the Law of the Sea treaty (LOST) that will give up American sovereignty and make Americans subject to global governance in many areas. The senate held off on ratification until after Lugar’s primary battle because of its unpopularity with Americans..

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