Whispering the Truth in Obama’s Amerika

May 22, 2012 05:03

Driving out wealth creators and importing potential destroyers may seem like national suicide, but it’s a winning formula for mansion-dwelling, Marxist politicians. – American Thinker


By Stella Paul at American Thinker


“Obama’s destroying the economy,” she told me; then she looked nervously around at our hyper-Blue State neighbors.  “I feel like I have to whisper, or they’re going to come and arrest me.”

Welcome to Obama’s America 2012, a joy-free zone in which the best and brightest youth are flocking to a Communist dictatorship, because they see more hope of economic opportunity there.


But many of the most driven, entrepreneurial types — the kind of unstoppable hustlers who built America — are bolting and may never return.


Yes, for the crime of donating to Obama’s opponent, Frank VanderSloot is getting the full Roto-Rooter treatment, just like Joe the Plumber. Remember Joe?


Meanwhile, back in the former land of the free, Obama plays the same cynical game, intimidating and threatening opponents, so that even a frightened mother in the supermarket feels like she has to whisper.


But a million whispers sounds like a roar. Let’s roar.



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