1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama — Part VIII

June 12, 2012 04:08

Peruse these reasons or pass them on to someone you know (how could there be anyone) who is undecided about voting for the worst president ever. – ConservativeDailyNews.com


By at ConservativeDailyNews.com


  1. The website “Fight the Smears” denied that [] Obama was a part of the socialist New Party while in Illinois. Another lie.
  2. Investigator Stanley Kurtz revealed new evidence from the Wisconsin Historical Society that corroborates that not only was Obama a member of the New Party, he signed a pledge that he would publicly support and associate himself with the Democrat Socialist of America-affiliated party while in office.
  3. During the Governor Walker recall stand-off, President Obama “tweeted present” prior to a humiliating loss for the Democrats.
  4. President Obama drew laughs from a LGBT Leadership Council fund-raiser in Beverly Hills by making an apparent fellatio-related double entendre that “Michelle didn’t go all the way down”… on her pushups.
  5. At another fundraiser, Obama joked that Clooney had been airbrushed out of the picture that made the “Hope” poster, … Not a true story, however.
  6. In a recent report on the supposed 3 million “green jobs” manufactured under the Obama administration, all manner of positions, from garbageman to used clothing salesman to school bus driver were counted.


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