Gov Walker’s Victory Speech

June 6, 2012 04:30

Americans around the country are celebrating Gov. Scott Walker’s victory after a nasty recall prompted and funded by national unions angry with his reforms. Walker is the first Governor in history to survive a recall and won by 8 points. Walker’s Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch also won handily.

When Walker became Governor Wisconsin was over three and a half BILLION in the hole and facing a death spiral. Simply reigning in public union control of the government ended up with growing jobs and over a hundred million surplus. Note that it is just PUBLIC unions that were effected by Walker’s reforms. Even with reforms public union employees have higher salaries and better benefits than the public they supposedly serve.

Many saw this election as a reflection of the country’s mood come November. Even the Obama campaign has conceded that Wisconsin may be in play in November. Walker’s victory will encourage other governors around the country to stand up to public employee unions that are bankrupting cites and states.

Businesses and the jobs they provide continue to flee heavy union states like California, Illinois and Michigan to states with less union control of the government like Indiana, Texas and South Carolina. Walker’s reforms turned around job growth in the state and created a budget surplus of over a hundred million.

Heavy Democrat California cities of San Diego and San Jose also made history by voting to curb public union retirement benefits that were bankrupting those cities.


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