More amnesty – Obama treats AZ worse than Burma, North Korea or Iran

June 26, 2012 05:58

Federal authorities will no longer take phone calls from Arizona officers making immigration inquiries about suspected illegals picked up in the course of committing crimes, perhaps some quite spectacular ones. .. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service “will tell the local police to release the person,” – IBD



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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the administration would cut off ties to Arizona’s police and end provisions of seven 287(g) task force agreements that gave some Arizona police agencies powers to enforce immigration laws.

The vindictive, disproportionate response effectively isolates the state in terms of being far more stringent than anything the administration has inflicted on Burma, North Korea or Iran.


That’s de facto amnesty to yet another group of criminal illegals, done this time as a means of punishing Arizona for its insolent desire to enforce federal law.


What does it say about the Obama administration’s priorities that it effectively scraps its sworn pledge to uphold the law, usurps the legislative function by ignoring federal laws, punishes those who comply and puts its own re-election first?


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