Global Warm-Mongers Again Ignore Contrary Evidence

July 6, 2012 15:56

During just one day in the last week of June, 46 cities across the country set or tied record lows, says Mark Johnson of in Cleveland. .. Are all these falling records, we wonder, what global cooling looks like? – IBD


From IBD Editorials


If what we’ve seen in parts of the U.S. recently is what global warming looks like, we have to wonder what the low temperatures in other regions indicate.


Maybe global cooling looks like what happened in Germany last month, when that country had its coldest start to June in two decades. Or in Stockholm, Sweden, where 43 degrees on June 2 was the lowest high temperature in that city for all of June since 1928.


… alarmists use the extreme weather to keep scaring the public. But then that’s all they have left. They’re like attorneys resigned to arguing the law when the facts aren’t on their side.


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