Illegal alien criminals protected by Obama dream amnesty

August 10, 2012 04:15

With Eric Holder suing states to prevent voter ID laws how many of these illegals will return the dream for Obama and elect him to a second disastrous term?

Obama said he would work to make SEIU’s agenda his agenda and SEIU’s agenda is to add eight million new “progressive” voters through amnesty.

See “Real goal of amnesty – 8 million Democrat voters

Listen carefully how Eliseo Medina plans to form a new ‘governing coalition’ that will structurally change America for the ‘long term’ putting his illegal alien voting block and progressives in charge of you, your property, your lives, and the lives of your children and grand children.

Obama – SEIU Agenda is My Agenda

Obama said he believes he can make SEIU’s agenda the agenda of the country. In this video he thanks SEIU for their support and tells them ‘your agenda has been my agenda.” He even says that before working on his policies he consulted with the union.


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