SEIU going all out for Obama

August 22, 2012 10:57

Obama said he will work to make SEIU’s agenda America’s agenda. Obama’s “investment” means taking more from producers and giving it to union thugs to promote their socialist agenda. The president of SEIU promises to mobilize 100,000 union goons to make 13 million phone calls and actively work to reelect Obama.


Obama and SEIU are one. SEIU spent millions to get Obama elected and they expect millions of new dues paying members as Obamacare gets fully implemented and all healthcare workers become government employees and are unionized. Then the Democrat union alliance will be unstoppable for generations.

The tie to illegal immigrants is what drives Obama’s amnesty by executive order. In this video the Sec/Tres. of SEIU explains how getting illegals legal and voting will change the election process for a generation. Welcome to Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.

The SEIU officer explains why the union and the Democrat “progressives” want “comprehensive immigration reform” with a path to citizenship for twelve million illegals. At present ratios that will add eight million voters to the Democrat rolls which will be sufficient to swing many elections at local, state and national levels.

Now you get an idea of what an Obama second term will be like:





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