“Social Justice” is a Con

August 6, 2012 07:31

As a former con-artist, I understand and recognize the important factors in any successful con game:



By Paul Lemmen at An Ex-Con’s View


That’s right, I said it. “Social Justice” and all the derivative terms coined therefrom, are part of an elaborate con being played on average Americans by the Cultural Marxists and their sycophants in government and the suborned and complicit “media“.

Let me elaborate. As a former con-artist, I understand and recognize the important factors in any successful con game:

  1. A believable foundation
  2. A desirable outcome
  3. A big lie
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat as often as necessary to blind your “mark” to the obvious truth that they are being played.

Social Justice” is a concept that the Cultural Marxists in this country have been promoting since the late 50′s and 60′s when the religious concept was twisted (the term and concept had been around since the 1840′s, first used by the Jesuit Luigi Taparelli) and given a new meaning that, according to Wikipedia:

[…] Social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution. These policies aim to achieve what developmental economists refer to as more equality of opportunity than may currently exist in some societies […]

Sounds rather like totalitarianism to me! Just who decides what is just? Who promised you fairness in anything? Why should my property or income be taken from me and given to another? That is basic injustice!

So here we see the basis for the con (as delineated above):

  1. Social Justice as originally envisioned by religious thinkers and as a concept for societies that were not enlightened, not based on Liberty or personal responsibility and Christian morals.
  2. Peace and Plenty. No starving children, no disparities in income (regardless of effort or talent). Unicorns gamboling in the meadows, farting rainbows.
  3. That they know more than you do, that X (Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, what have you …) taught this, that a collection of the “best and brightest” can benignly govern human interactions, that everyone will be cared for from cradle to grave, that this will result in the amorphous concept of “fairness“, that humanity will be united in purpose and all human faults will be eradicated and your every desire will be granted.
  4. The plethora of “Social Justice through X” groups and organizations.

If this were truly designed to address actual conditions in America, that would be one thing.

Sadly, it isn’t.

This is a tool of the progressive/socialist agenda to collapse America by removing individualism in favor of collectivism and central control. To delude, deceive, manipulate you into giving up that most precious of gifts from God: Liberty. The suborned and complicit media are the cheerleaders for the con. They also act as the confirming entity that is an essential part of any elaborate con (see my post “Takes One to Know One” for an example of this).

For justice, social and otherwise, is enshrined in our Constitution and laws.

Social Justice” is designed and intended to remove your individual rights in return for collective slavery to an elite class of arbiters, or commissars, if you will.

Remember the Soviet Union of Stalin. That is the model upon which the Cultural Marxists envision America post 2012. “Social Justice” in action.

To achieve true Liberty, true justice (social and otherwise), America needs to return her political/governmental existence to that envisioned by our Founders and Framers and enshrined in our Constitution (as amended). Political reality in America today is so far away from what our Founders intended as to be unrecognizable to them.

Don’t be conned America! Justice exists in our Republic and in the hearts of all true sons and daughters of Liberty, regardless of race, creed. color or national origin.

The time to call B.S. on the rhetoric and cons of the enemies of Liberty is upon us. the peril to our Republic, our society and our very existence as a free people is real and imminent!

Let the children of Liberty arise and with one voice declaim in thunderous voice: “Enough!“.

Remember that they are “Demoralized as Hell, Ride Right Through Them!


Used with permission – all rights reserved

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